In this week’s round-up of news reports covering the wide world of trucking, we find the story of one very grateful trucker following his crash off of a bridge; accusations of dirty politics over Rhode Island’s truck toll plan; the growing use of simulators in truck driver training; autonomous trucks, chapter 33; and, finally, the tale of a Tesla that tried to park itself and ended up under a tractor-trailer.

Blessed to be here

Truck driver Joe Stroman has become known as the man who drove off the interstate in a tractor trailer, plunged off a bridge into a river, and lived to tell about it. Television station WIS-TV of Columbia, SC, helps him tell his harrowing story.

"In one second [of] time there I knew I just wasn't gonna make it out," Stroman said. "I just remember everything."

Underwater after his rig crashed from a bridge on I-20, Stroman managed to escape his seat and swim to the daylight. He heard voices calling to him from the highway. Multiple drivers stopped and called out, comforting him until help arrived. They were acts that Stroman says he'll always be grateful for, according to the report.