The problem with coming up with a Dash Cam of the Week each Friday is that, too often, we have to go through several videos in which something really bad happens, and we typically settle for the least bad outcomes. This week we were happy to find a video in which something bad was prevented.

In this case, according to news accounts, a truck driver apparently had a diabetic seizure while behind the wheel. When local law enforcement attempted, unsuccessfully, to get the erratically driven grain hauler to stop, a deputy pulled up beside the cab to find the driver slumped over the wheel.

Realizing the rig was approaching a busy viaduct, the deputy raced ahead, jumped from his police pickup, sprinted across the road and leaped aboard, grabbing the the truck’s mirror. He managed to get the door open and apply the brake before the truck landed in a roadside ditch.

It was fortunate the Nebraska divided 4-lane highway was wide and straight, and that there are indeed public safety officials out there like Sgt. Todd Volk who do good work.