The new “Rent to Run” program being rolled out by trucking conglomerate Celadon Group is designed to be a "full-service" truck lease, through which drivers get all the rewards of being an independent contractor without the risks.

Ashley Hay, Celadon’s VP of driver recruiting, said the Rent-to-Run program offers a higher pay package compared to the carrier’s typical lease purchase driver, combined with the support network available to drivers in a company fleet.

Drivers in the program get paid 75% BOL for on time deliveries and receive straightforward settlement statements, while leasing a truck for a low weekly payment that covers the vehicle, insurance and all operating expenses, Hay said.

“This offer provides less hassle and higher take-home pay for most drivers,” Hay noted, with drivers in the program given the option to operate over-the-road or Midwest regional while being promised full-service, no hassle maintenance and a free loaner truck provided within 48 hours when needed.

“Our Rent-to-Run program simplifies managing your own truck,” added Hay. “Whether you want to test your hand at running your own truck or you’re a seasoned veteran, this full service program takes the risk out for drivers.”