Trucking software provider Gorilla Safety  is rolling out a Spanish-language version of its electronic logging device (ELD) is now available in Spanish to address the hours of service (HOS) compliance needs of help “bi-lingual fleets.”

Developed to meet the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) ELD mandate, which takes effect in December, Gorilla said its device affords users the ability to track HOS data, stay compliant with edits, and automate all documents required for roadside inspections.

While drivers must speak English during roadside inspections, it can be easier for some to manage their day-to-day operations in Spanish, noted Mark Walton, Gorilla’s co-founder and CEO.

Thus offering the ELD in both English and Spanish will aid these drivers as they seek to comply with the new rule, he stressed.

“Availability in Spanish provides greater ease of use, flexibility and easier compliance and adoption for fleets of all sizes,” Walton noted in a statement. “Offering it in Spanish will allow fleets to not only make even easier transitions to compliance but also attract more drivers.  This is especially important as the industry anticipates continued driver shortages.”

Gorilla’s ELD works as a stand-alone solution or in sync with its mobile app to maintain logbook records and easily track and store driver HOS data inside a smartphone. The software is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and also features a web-based dashboard.