News en Survey gives truckers window into “Gen Z” mindset <div class="field-byline"> American Trucker staff </div> <div class="field-deck"> The 13 to 17 year-old generation cohort is “obsessed” with technology and “digital living,” Bank of America poll finds. </div> <div class="node-body article-body"><p>A new survey conducted by Bank of America finds that members of Generation Z or &ldquo;Gen Z,&rdquo; who are aged 13-17, are so concerned with their &ldquo;digital footprint&rdquo; that 54% are Googling themselves regularly, with 10% self-searching on a daily basis.</p> <p>Furthermore, Gen Zers would give up daily &ldquo;must-haves&rdquo; to remain connected to their mobile device for the day, including television (80%), tablets (78%) and gaming systems (64%), while nearly one-third would even give up their friends or money (28%).</p></div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> News Technology Mon, 21 Aug 2017 12:21:00 +0000 22041 at <p>The Gen Z cohort appears to live by the mantra, &ldquo;if you can&rsquo;t say it in 140 characters or less, don&rsquo;t say it at all,&rdquo; according to this survey.</p> Trucking battens down the hatches ahead of solar eclipse <div class="field-byline"> Neil Abt </div> <div class="field-deck"> Traffic disruptions are expected in 14 states today, according to the FHWA. </div> <div class="node-body article-body"><p>The first total solar eclipse to reach the continental U.S. since 1979 takes place today, with heavy traffic disruptions expected as a result. Indeed, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) projected that the eclipse has the potential to impact millions of truck drivers, especially those moving freight across or within the 14 states that are in the path of eclipse.</p></div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Business News Mon, 21 Aug 2017 11:48:00 +0000 22031 at <p>A total solar eclipse is when the moon passes between the Sun and Earth, briefly turning day into darkness.&nbsp;It will reach the Oregon coast at about 10:15 a.m. local time, then rapidly move across 14 states in under two hours. (<em>Photo: NASA</em>)</p> Trailer orders expected to lag as summer ends <div class="field-byline"> American Trucker staff </div> <div class="field-deck"> However, research firms believe another surge in trailer orders may begin in September. </div> <div class="node-body article-body"><p>While trailer orders declined month-over-month July, according to the latest data, and are expected to keep dropping in August, the year-over-year trend is far stronger &ndash; with orders expected to pick back up starting in September.</p> <p>Research firm <a href="">FTR Transportation Intelligence</a> said its data indicated final July net trailer orders reached 13,400 units, falling 29% when compared to June&rsquo;s number.</p></div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Trailers News Fri, 18 Aug 2017 10:04:00 +0000 22021 at <p>Compared to the same month last year, trailer orders in July were up 40%, according to FTR. (<em>Photo: Sean Kilcarr/American Trucker</em>)</p> Trailers, glider kits may get GHG reprieve from EPA <div class="field-byline"> American Trucker staff </div> <div class="field-deck"> The agency plans to initiate a rulemaking effort to readdress the trailer and glider kit provisions of the Phase 2 GHG rules. </div> <div class="node-body article-body"><p>The <a href="">U.S. Environmental Protection Agency</a> (EPA) said this week that it <a href="">intends to revisit</a> certain provisions of the <a href="">Phase 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and fuel efficiency standards</a> that focus on trailers and glider kits.</p></div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Trailers News Regulations Fri, 18 Aug 2017 09:51:00 +0000 22011 at <p>Glider kit providers, especially, may cheer the EPA&#39;s move as the Phase 2 GHG rules capped the number of rebuilt engines they could use per year. (<em>Photo: Fitzgerald</em>)</p> Expressing personality via highway iron <div class="node-body gallery-body"><p>The passions that drive truck owners and operators are as different and varied as the freight they haul to make a living. Yet often many of them express their particular &quot;trucking personality,&quot; if you will, through the rigs they drive: turning their equipment into rolling tributes to&nbsp; comic book heroes and sports teams, or by customizing them with unique designs, lights, and chrome accents. Here are few such examples from our travels to industry trade shows. (<em>All photos: Sean Kilcarr/American Trucker</em>)</p> </div> Equipment News Thu, 17 Aug 2017 11:37:00 +0000 22001 at Tire care tips for trucking equipment owners <div class="field-byline"> Jim Sharkey and Al Cohn, P.S.I. </div> <div class="field-deck"> Taking better care of your truck and trailer tires can improve their longevity and better insulate them from road failures. </div> <div class="node-body article-body"><p><strong><em>Jim Sharkey</em></strong><em>,</em> <em>senior</em> d<em>irector of global sales &amp; marketing, and <strong>Al Cohn</strong>, director of new market development &amp; engineering support, at <a href="">P.S.I.</a> offer some insight into how big rig operators can take better care of their truck and trailer tire and thus avoid potential blowouts while on the road.</em></p> <p><strong>What are the most common causes of tire failures while on the road?</strong></p></div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Equipment News Thu, 17 Aug 2017 11:25:00 +0000 21991 at <p>Low tread depth tires are more susceptible for damage to the tire casing. (<em>Photo: Sean Kilcarr/American Trucker</em>)</p> Driving value through vehicle data <div class="field-byline"> Dave McCarthy, Bsquare Corp. </div> <div class="field-deck"> How truck owners and fleets can tap IoT data to improve their operations and save money. </div> <div class="node-body article-body"><p><em>A 20-year veteran of the software industry, <strong>Dave McCarthy</strong> currently serves as director of products for <a href="">Bsquare Corporation</a>. His &ldquo;passion&rdquo; is solving complex business challenges through the use of technology &ndash; and trucking is one industry he believes offers him a big opportunity to fully engage that passion.</em></p></div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> News Technology Thu, 17 Aug 2017 09:37:00 +0000 21981 at <p>Real-time intelligence based on truck data, if used correctly, can deliver an extensive return on investment (ROI) for big rig owners. (<em>Photo: Peterbilt</em>)</p> New ORBCOMM technology helps with food safety compliance <div class="field-byline"> American Trucker staff </div> <div class="field-deck"> Updated tracking unit for refrigerated containers aims to aid motor carriers large and small comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act. </div> <div class="node-body article-body"><p>NASHVILLE, TN.</p></div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> News Technology Tue, 15 Aug 2017 18:37:00 +0000 21971 at <p>The new PT 6000 can remotely set reefer temperature, change reefer state, initiate defrosting and more with two-way commands, ORBCOMM noted.</p> The ELD delay: Will it happen? <div class="field-deck"> Anything is possible, but the odds seem long. </div> <div class="node-body article-body"><p>NASHVILLE, TN. Efforts to legislatively delay the <a href="">electronic logging device (ELD) mandate</a> by <a href="">two years</a> will have to wait until Congress return from its summer recess in September, but for now, at least, the chances of the delay succeeding seem to be remote at best.</p></div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> News Regulations Tue, 15 Aug 2017 18:14:00 +0000 21961 at <p>One industry expert gives the effort to delay the ELD mandate a 5% chance of succeeding. (<em>Photo: PeopleNet</em>)</p> Canada prepares for its version of the ELD mandate <div class="field-deck"> If draft rule issued this fall as expected, deadline for compliance would be 2019, with those using automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRDs) getting until 2021. </div> <div class="node-body article-body"><p>NASHVILLE, TN. Though it has been a long time coming in Canada &ndash; almost six years by one reckoning &ndash; an electronic logging device (ELD) mandate similar to the one in the U.S. is poised to be issued by the close of 2017 if all goes as planned.</p></div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> News Regulations Tue, 15 Aug 2017 12:06:00 +0000 21951 at <p>One big difference: Canada&#39;s ELD rule will cover trucks back to the 1995 model year, as opposed ot the 2000 model year in the U.S.</p>