by Sean Kilcarr, Editor

Sean Kilcarr MugshotRecently, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers conducted a survey of over 200 researchers, academicians, practitioners, university students, and government agencies involved in the development of “autonomous vehicles” to get a sense of how such technology will impact car and truck designs.

Conducted during the group’s Intelligent Vehicle Symposium held in Dearborn, MI, from June 8-11, a majority of those surveyed believe that rearview mirrors, horns, and emergency brakes will be “removed” by 2030. And steering wheels and gas/brake pedals will follow by 2035 since, of course, they won’t be needed in vehicles operated without the input of human drivers.

Creating digital maps of the road is essential for allowing autonomous vehicles to travel safely. When asked to predict how long it will be before a complete digital map of the world will exist, nearly three-quarters (74%) of respondents indicated these maps will be available within the next 15 years.

… no steering wheel? I don’t know if I like that idea at all, much less the removal of the brake pedal. We’ll see how the motoring public feels about such things as autonomous vehicle technology continues to develop.