by Tim Brady, Business Editor

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cb truckingCompany: CB Trucking and Custom Hauling
Owner: Kevin Whipple
In business: Since 2011
Location: Union City, TN

CB Trucking and Custom Hauling specializes in the moving and hauling of portable buildings, livestock and other items requiring a flatbed trailer.

Do you have regularly scheduled routes?
Our business is based on customer needs, so we’re an on-demand delivery company.

How are maintenance and repairs handled? Your own shop or jobbed out?
I handle most of the maintenance in my shop, but the larger jobs are sent out to local repair facilities.

What three challenges do you face with your maintenance program? How do you resolve each of these?
Not really three challenges, just one big one: time. Being the owner and operator, I just have to schedule “shutdown time” to take care of proper maintenance and/or repair.

How do you handle the maintenance on your trucks and/or trailers to minimize downtime?
Because it’s specialty equipment, the parts for this equipment have to be shipped in, so it’s even more important to do preventive maintenance in order to avoid having to wait for a part to arrive. I also use experienced mechanics. It’s very important to find someone who knows what they are doing when working on my equipment, as downtime for a mistake can be costly in lost revenue and an unhappy customer.

How do you ensure good mileage from tires?
Good mileage comes from proper inflation, alignments, routine rotations, and constant inspections during each run.

Do you stock any parts for your trucks or purchase as needed? If you stock parts, which ones?
I stock oils, fluids, chains, belts and a few small parts but mostly purchase when needed.

How do you determine when it’s time to replace a truck or trailer?
When cost and downtime become frequent, you might want to purchase a new truck or trailer.

What are your specifications for your trucks? Are you able to find these on the used market? Do you purchase used and customize them to your specs? Or order new trucks built to your specs?
I currently run a 3/4 ton diesel pickup set up for gooseneck trailers. I can purchase new or used. It depends on what’s needed at the time and what’s available on the market, whether it’s new or used, and if I need to add anything to meet the needs of my operation.

What programs do you have in place to ensure CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) compliance for your trucks and or trailers?
I get a yearly safety audit on the truck and trailer, and I keep a record of all maintenance and repair. I also stay familiar with all DOT requirements.

What does your company do best?
Being a small company, we provide a quick and reliable move of our customers’ property. Our promise to customers: We have the equipment and personal touch that will make a run virtually stress-free.