by Sean Kilcarr, Editor

seanWho could’ve imagined the trouble the simple, humble tail light would cause truck operators within the context of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program.

Case in point: Mark Blackford, national fleet manager for light maker Grote, noted in a white paper published late last year that lighting infractions are not only causing CSA violations directly, they offer what he dubbed an opportunity to conduct more detailed vehicle inspections.

Not counting headlights, lighting accounted for 647,125 inspections, resulting in 865,304 violations, Blackford said. By comparison, Grote found that over the same time period, the six CSA brake categories yielded just 497,849 inspections and associated CSA points.

The company also discerned that the number of violations is 1.7 times the number of inspections. This indicates that when an inspection is conducted for one possible issue, in 7 out of 10 cases, that can result in further violations being ticketed.

“Lighting infractions are by far the easiest problems to spot,” Blackford said. “Once the rig is pulled over, the procedure is to check the entire trailer and cab for any other infractions.”

Something to keep in mind the next time you choose to run with even just one light out.