by Tim Brady, Business Editor

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spot dec 13Owner:  Dave and Brian Gallano
In business:  Since 1998
Location:  Belvidere, IL

Gallano Trucking Inc. is an experienced carrier specializing in fl atbed and oversized loads. In addition to trucking services, Gallano provides additional transportation services such as warehousing, off-loading and docking, trailer staging and more.

Are you a trucking company or one that just uses trucks in the course of conducting business?
We’re a trucking company that provides collateral services to our customers, particularly flatbed and specialized loads.

How is maintenance handled?
We handle most of our own repairs and maintenance, including major repairs. Warranty items are the exception. Those are handled by the particular OEM repair facility.

What are three challenges you face with maintenance? How do you resolve these?
A few of our trucks are local, however, most are regional, which adds an additional dimension of complexity to scheduling work and balancing routine maintenance work with unplanned incidents. Communication with dispatchers and drivers is critical to know when equipment will be available as well as the ability to prioritize work. Inventory is another crucial area for Gallano Trucking, as we need to balance having items in stock with not tying up too much cash in parts sitting on the shelf.
Another challenge is ensuring our people have the qualifications and knowledge to work on different pieces of equipment as well as staying on top of safety. We try to take advantage of various seminars and conferences.

How do you handle maintenance on your trucks/trailers?
Since we cannot generate revenue with equipment that’s sitting, minimizing downtime is critical to our operation. We focus on preventive maintenance, such as sending in oil samples for analysis on a regular basis, and are always looking for ways to prevent or minimize future equipment issues. Since we try to look ahead, our preventive maintenance schedule beats or meets DOT guidelines.

How do you ensure good mileage from tires?
Due to the high cost of tires, we research tires [before we make a] purchase. Once we purchase tires, however, we continue to monitor actual versus ex­pected performance on our maintenance software. To ensure our tires get good mileage, we not only perform routine alignments but have installed PSI systems on our trailers.

What programs do you have in place to ensure CSA compliance for your trucks/trailers?
We take safety seriously and a look at our CSA scores reflects that focus. To guarantee we have a good safety rating, we don’t avoid problems but address all current issues as well as try to take actions to prevent future issues whenever possible. Finally, we work hard to educate employees at all levels on safety issues and make