Average retail diesel prices increased across the country this week for fifth consecutive week, although only slightly, while gasoline prices were more mixed, with the national average down a couple of pennies per gallon, according to data tracked by the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

The national average retail price for diesel increased 5/10ths of a penny this week to $2.271 per gallon, EIA said, though that is still 60.7 cents per gallon cheaper when compared to the same week in 2015.

Diesel dipped along the Gulf Coast by 6/10ths of a penny to $2.131 per gallon – the only U.S. region to record a decline in diesel prices, according to the agency’s numbers – while diesel prices in the Lower Atlantic remained unchanged at $2.232 per gallon.

The biggest jump in diesel prices this week occurred in the Rocky Mountain region, EIA said, with a 2.2 cent spike to $2.277 per gallon. The highest prices remain in California, where the average was up 1.5 cents to $2.594.

Gasoline prices on a regional basis were more mixed this week, according to the agency’s figures, though the national average declined by two cents to $2.22 per gallon. That price is still 47.1 cents cheaper compared to the same week in 2015, EIA noted.