Whiteouts and black ice: It’s that time of year. A truck driver was one of the three people reported killed Thursday in a 53-car pileup on an icy stretch of I-96 between Detroit and Lansing.

Eleven other people were rushed to local hospitals with non-life threatening injuries, according to the report in the Detroit News.

A sudden snow squall enveloped vehicles and erased all visibility on the Interstate. Then the flurries disappeared, revealing “a wall of cars," the report says, and black ice prevented the startled drivers from stopping in time. There was nowhere to go, many survivors said.

The crash started when two drivers heading westbound on I-96 lost control of their cars after blustery conditions turned into a sudden “whiteout,” Michigan State Police Sgt. Jeff Munoz said.

In the WXYZ-TV coverage below, we skip ahead to the dash cam of a truck caught up in the crash, showing just how easy—and scary—it is to run up on something like this. You can, of course, restart from the beginning.