Okay, here’s a Dash Cam of the Week for those seen-it-all, done-it-all million milers out there: If you’ve got a tale (and video) tall enough to top this, please do pass it along. (Although, maybe our fans in Kazakhstan see this kind of thing all the time, so you’re not eligible.)

This clip has the thing we most love here at DCOW: Truckers lending a hand to a “motorist” in need, with a safe and happy conclusion. Plus an attack helicopter!

For those who could use Russian refresher, the video is titled “The helicopter was lost due to the storm.” And, best as I can make out, the audio features the radio conversation between the two truck drivers. This gist, with some colorful cussin’ not uncommon to truckers the world over, is: What is he doing in the middle of the road? Back away from the rotor blades! Is he waving? They got lost and are asking for directions! Did these kids steal a helicopter for a joy ride? How do you get lost out here?