So you’re driving down a straight, flat stretch of I-24 outside Nashville on a sunny and dry afternoon, not much traffic, and your truck just rolls. What happened?

The description with the YouTube post offers little insight, although it does say the driver “was concussed, and his load of Yoplait spilled all over into the ditch.”

Follow-up comments are guessing a steer tire blowout, and it looks as though a rim does gouge a groove into the pavement along the tractor's trajectory. But the dedicated staff here at Dash Cam of the Week are an inquiring bunch, so we did some digging—made the more difficult because the time stamp is obviously wrong. Alas, a Google search using terms like “semi,” “rollover,” and “Nashville” turned up a depressing number of similar accidents—just not this one.

So we decided to rely on the collective wisdom of the American Trucker audience, and put together a multiple choice quiz. Was the cause of the rollover most likely:

  1. Steer tire blowout
  2. Massive suspension/undercarriage failure
  3. Driver health issue
  4. Driver falling asleep
  5. Something else entirely

You be the judge. Leave a guess below or over on the American Trucker Facebook page, which is where we’ll reveal the truth—or at least the cammer’s report of what the truck driver told first responders at the scene—on Monday morning.