It had been a little slow around the Dash Cam of the Week office, and we were about to post a few minor examples of driver misconduct and call it a day—until we found this clip that shows true professionals keeping the highways safe for everyone. Even for (from) this incredibly impaired idiot.

Be advised: The clip is almost 10 minutes long, so we suggest skipping ahead to the 2:30 mark or so after you’ve seen a little of the late-night lane wandering. And then you might not want to watch the entire segment when the four-wheeler driver stops in the middle of the interstate to take a, um, break—and then can’t seem to figure out how to get back in his car.

But not to worry, this guy’s not going anywhere else because the Knights of the Highway are looking after him.

“It don’t get no better than this on the road, man,” says our narrator, without irony, as a couple of deputies help the young man from his car. Then it’s back to work, truckers.