Kevin Jones

Editor, American Trucker, Penton

Kevin Jones has an enthusiastic fascination with the supply chain. As editor of American Trucker, he focuses on the critical role owner-ops and small fleets play in the economy, both local and global. And he plays with big trucks.

Posts by Kevin Jones

in Running Lights Blog Aug 24, 2016

Dept. of Labor blog adds insult to injury

If there’s one thing—and maybe the only thing—the Dept. of Transportation and the diverse trucking industry agree on, it’s the need to attract more....More
in Running Lights Blog Aug 03, 2016

Trucker Path users shine some light on parking availabilty

Truckers are lighting up the map, thanks to the crowd-sourced efforts of Trucker Path Pro users to report parking availability....More
in Running Lights Blog Jul 18, 2016

Autonomous tech: Is the honeymoon over?

Has Tesla screwed the pooch, or are some recent—and high profile—accidents involving the brand’s self-driving vehicle technology a to-be-expected....More
in Running Lights Blog Jul 11, 2016

Worst Trucker(s) in the World: Headaches return

Pass the aspirin, because it seems that great technology is not, in fact, a foolproof solution, and we mean “fool proof” in the literal sense....More
in Running Lights Blog Jun 02, 2016

Trucker profile: Vlogger Allie Knight

Trucking is a wonderfully small world, and anyone who’s been on the road much at all knows how frequently people in the business cross paths. Case in....More
in Running Lights Blog May 24, 2016

Most ridiculous trucking news headline ever

Decapitation of children and the willful spread of the Zika virus? Some evil warlord up to no good in the Congo? No, that’s what happens when....More
in Running Lights Blog May 04, 2016

What’s wrong with ‘outsourced’ loads?

An analysis of the financial reports of the country’s largest trucking companies shows that 42% of freight shipments are being “outsourced,” meaning....More
in Running Lights Blog Apr 28, 2016

Robots out to get truckers' jobs? Tech guru says time is nigh

As the saying goes, to a hammer everything looks like a nail. To a Silicon Valley guy, everything needs to be automated and “disrupted.” And in a....More
in Running Lights Blog Apr 21, 2016

5 questions for the FMCSA boss

So, you’re a trucker sitting in the diner at the truck stop and in walks the head of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You might not....More
in Running Lights Blog Apr 14, 2016

Speed kills, new study shows

With the DOT set to publish a speed limiter mandate for trucks any day now, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has come out with new....More

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