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Move over breathalyzer; here comes the Textalyzer

Although it is not yet ready for everyday use, lawmakers in several states are writing or considering legislation to allow law enforcement officers patrolling the highways to connect a device known as a “text­alyzer” to a mobile phone to instantly learn if the driver was texting prior to a crash.

Driver burnout: More than just being tired
George woke up in his cab one morning and didn't feel like driving. The third-year driver wasn't just tired, bored or unhappy about his job, he probably was suffering from 'burnout,' a difference that eludes and confounds both drivers and their companies – even some doctors.
Roadcheck 2017: Tips and tricks from an inspector, trucker
Time to prepare: The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s 30th annual International Roadcheck, billed as the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial motor vehicles in the world, takes place June 6-8. The special emphasis this year is cargo securement. To avoid surprises, we’ve got some insider tips from a long-time inspector—and some driver thoughts about those tips.
Driver turnover: Men and women quit for very different reasons
Men leave a trucking company mostly because of a lack of home time. Women leave because they don't feel comfortable in their rigs or believe their equipment may break down. And anyone wanting to successfully manage a fleet, large or small, needs to understand these differences.
St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund: a unique approach to helping drivers
"We help drivers when they are in a bad place," says Donna Kennedy, executive director. "When an injury or illness has caused them financial difficulty, we're here to try to help them over the hump and pay their household expenses while they get back to work."
Tax time: Not filing is not an option, at least not a good one
Sure, driver, you're on the road and get busy and a lot of times the paperwork you need to file your taxes just can't catch up to you. But that's no excuse, says a tax prep expert—and so does the IRS. "The most common tax filing mistake that drivers make is not filing their taxes at all," says Jim O'Donnell.
More medical conditions, more crashes, trucker study says
Drivers with several health issues, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, are more likely to be involved in a crash than truckers with only one condition.
Truckers at 'ground zero' in U.S. obesity crisis
Siphiwe Baleka knows why drivers sign up for his fitness program. "The vast majority of the drivers that enroll in the program come to me because they're scared," says the former trucker turned trainer who has designed a program specifically for drivers. "This fear makes them coachable.”
Gout: Heredity, lifestyle make for another trucker malady
Charles couldn't believe the intensity of the pain – and he had been shot during a tour in Iraq with the Marines. But he knew what it was: Gout. He had heard about gout from other truck drivers and also recalled that his father suffered from it as well. But the pain ...
Wrongly jailed, husband-wife team seek assistance to recover from nightmare
A husband-wife driving team was jailed for over two months because police found baking soda in their truck and quick tests by local police wrongly identified it as cocaine. Until their public defender insisted the state retest the substance, the grandparents, in their 60s, endured hunger, cold, lack of sanitation, and physical threats during their incarceration in a facility that has been under federal investigation for more than a decade.
Scale house to deaf trucker: 'Get the hell out'
Truck driver William Newman was dead set against deaf drivers being on the road. Based on his 30 years of experience, he didn't see how they could do the job safely.
Thousands of women truck drivers missing!
The number of women drivers dropped 10.6% in 2015 compared to the year before - from 198,000 to 177,000. Distaff drivers now comprise 5.1% of all drivers, the lowest number since 2011, according to a recent government labor report. What happened? Maybe nothing. Maybe something. Nobody really knows.
Truckers and blood clots: What you don't know can kill you
Ask Ken, a Manitoba-based, long-haul trucker who has been driving since 1986, about how blood clots almost killed him and you'll hear the story of many truckers. Ken said he missed the warning signs, and attributes his being alive to luck.
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