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America's infrastructure gets a D+, again
If the nation’s infrastructure were a student in school, it would most likely be held back, based on the second consecutive D+ grade it received Thursday from the American Society of Civil Engineers.
EEOC sues carrier for ‘failure to accommodate’ PTSD service dog
The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleges CRST Expedited Inc. violated federal law when it failed to accommodate, refused to hire and retaliated against a job candidate because he used a service dog. EEOC filed the disability discrimination lawsuit March 2.
No 'net benefit' to overnight restart, FMCSA concedes
The Congressionally mandated review of 2013 changes to truck driver hours of service requirements has turned up no evidence that the restart provisions are, overall, beneficial. The tip comes from none other than the DOT's Office of the Inspector General. Trucking interests welcomed the study's conclusion, while highway safety groups called it "junk science."
Diesel prices holding near first-of-the-year levels
Diesel prices have risen slightly for the fourth week in a row, but the cost for a gallon is still about what it was to start the year.
Dash Cam of the Week: Blind spots (BS)
Until blind-spot detection systems are perfected (almost-perfect doesn’t count, though it helps) and adopted, truckers will continue deal with the matter dozens, even hundreds of times a day: The mirror’s clear, but is anything there? And the resulting: How can it be my fault when I couldn’t see anything? But, fair or not, the trucker is usually blamed.
Uptime, uptime, uptime: International Truck launches A26 engine
NASHVILLE. Calling it “as simple as a modern engine can be,” International Truck on Monday launched the International A26 engine, a new 12.4-liter diesel designed to provide industry-leading reliability to the Class 8 market.
Dash Cam of the Week: Going. Going. Gone.
Is climate change real? Dan Hill now has a chilling perspective. Thin ice on Lake Michigan last week cost the Wisconsin man his year-old Cadillac Escalade, as this Dash Cam of Week shows.
Diesel prices up again, but again not by much
For the second week, diesel prices have risen less than a penny, meaning the cost for a gallon stays about where it’s been since the beginning of the year.
Dem's NAFTA redo could undo cross-border trucking
If President Trump wants to rework the North American Free Trade Agreement, a group of House Democrats is ready and willing to provide the blueprint. Led by Rep. Peter DeFazio (D.-OR), the ranking member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, the resolution introduced Thursday includes a provision that would remove the cross-border trucking requirement—a long-problematic clause in the current trade deal.
Dash Cam of the Week: Steppe away
This clip has the thing we most love here at Dash Cam of the Week: Truckers lending a hand to a “motorist” in need, with a safe and happy conclusion. Plus an attack helicopter!
Trucking exec ‘stuns’ senator with safety stats
A leading Senate proponent of more strict truck safety regulations called it “stunning,” after hearing the details of fleet-wide accident reductions through investment in advanced safety systems—but the CEO of one of the country’s largest trucking companies quickly explained that the trucking industry didn’t need more regulations, just the “right” ones.
Pro tips: Truck Maintenance for the Owner-Op
Not so long ago, a trucker’s ability to handle a wrench was almost as important as his or her skill with an 18-speed transmission. And for many owner-operators, even today, the ability to maintain older equipment is the difference between making a living as an independent or filling out driver applications for a fleet job.
Dash Cam of the Week: WY-oh-WY
In case you’re not one of the 6+ million people who viewed this video on the Wyoming High Patrol Facebook page over the weekend, we offer this Bonus Edition of Dash Cam of the Week. (Because, at this rate, the clip will be old news by the time the Friday DCOW rolls around—and it’s too wild to skip.)
Dash Cam of the Week: Upside ‘Down’under
For a seasonal change of pace, Dash Cam of the Week ventures into the warm and sunny Southern Hemisphere. And this featured clip shows that, regardless of which side of the road they drive on, too many people just don’t pay attention.
NHTSA ‘oversteps’ in cell phone guidelines, OOIDA says
Even as truckers routinely encounter the unsafe behaviors of distracted motorists, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has neither the authority nor the expertise to regulate the use of personal electronics, or so says OOIDA.
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