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Driver community ONE20 hits the road
LOUISVILLE. Continuing to push the marketing boundaries, ONE20, a rapidly growing app-based trucker community, is using the Mid-American Trucking Show here to promote new offerings ranging from ONE20-branded energy drinks to ELDs to a data-mined best and worst list—and even its newly authorized trucking company.
Dash Cam of the Week: Brothers in crime
While common driving mistakes are a routine nuisance and often lead to real problems, most of the idiocy truckers see on the highways are rooted in carelessness, maybe rudeness, and sometimes just plain meanness. But, whether we like to think about it or not, we share the public roads with some genuinely dangerous people—as this Dash Cam of the Week shows.
Trump (hearts) Trucks: ATA, drivers visit White House

Members of the American Trucking Associations, along with a contingent of America’s Road Team Captains, visited the White House Thursday for a conversation about issues affecting the trucking industry, including health care.

Diesel down 2.5 cents to 2017 low
A 2.5 cent decline this week has moved the price for a gallon of diesel fuel to its lowest level in 2017.
Dash Cam of the Week: Like a ton of bricks
The staff here at Dash Cam of the Week saw this clip and it hit us like a ton of bricks, so to speak.
Slow and steady: How to grow a small fleet
What better icon of independence and entrepreneurship is there than the American trucker, the rugged individualist living life on his or her own terms, and forging a business from a passion? The good news is the American dream can indeed become a reality—for the right person. The challenges, however, are substantial.
Diesel down slightly after a month of modest price gains
Diesel prices are holding to the 2017 trend of small weekly fluctuations, down slightly in the latest government report after four weeks of minor increases.
Trucking regs in limbo: What will emerge, and when?
While some trucking regulations will get a second look under the Trump administration’s regulatory freeze—and some of these might see substantial revision, or even be dropped altogether—major initiatives such as the electronic logging device mandate will likely be implemented on schedule, says a former FMCSA administrator.
February spike in trucking jobs doesn't offset January decline
The good news is trucking posted a gain of more than 10,000 jobs in February. The bad news is the large increase doesn’t make up for the substantial downward revision to January’s total: The latest government update shows a loss of 14,400 jobs for the first month of the year. This comes after a six-month run up to a record high to close 2016.
Dash Cam of the Week: Free Beer Friday
The staff here couldn’t find the police report that goes along with this Dash Cam of the Week, but we bet it’s a doozy. After all, it’s not every day that a trooper gets a truckload of beer dumped on him.
Truckers win: FMCSA drops 2013 restart provisions
It’s not that the controversial restart provisions in the July 2013 hours of service rule were bad, they just didn’t provide a significant improvement over the previous (and now proven effective) weekly reset—so they’re officially off the books, according to information posted Thursday by the FMCSA. The good news: Agency research confirmed that the 34-hour restart provides drivers the opportunity for needed sleep time and sleep quality.
America's infrastructure gets a D+, again
If the nation’s infrastructure were a student in school, it would most likely be held back, based on the second consecutive D+ grade it received Thursday from the American Society of Civil Engineers.
EEOC sues carrier for ‘failure to accommodate’ PTSD service dog
The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleges CRST Expedited Inc. violated federal law when it failed to accommodate, refused to hire and retaliated against a job candidate because he used a service dog. EEOC filed the disability discrimination lawsuit March 2.
No 'net benefit' to overnight restart, FMCSA concedes
The Congressionally mandated review of 2013 changes to truck driver hours of service requirements has turned up no evidence that the restart provisions are, overall, beneficial. The tip comes from none other than the DOT's Office of the Inspector General. Trucking interests welcomed the study's conclusion, while highway safety groups called it "junk science."
Diesel prices holding near first-of-the-year levels
Diesel prices have risen slightly for the fourth week in a row, but the cost for a gallon is still about what it was to start the year.
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