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Wabash buys Supreme to prepare for change

The impending purchase of truck body maker Supreme Industries by trailer maker Wabash National Corp. for roughly $364 million – a deal analysts don’t expect to be held up by anti-trust concerns – is being characterized as a response to supply chain changes being wrought by rising e-commerce activity.

Roadcheck 2017: Don't be that guy 1
Arkansas Highway Police Cpl. Ebony Lewis really, really doesn't want any trucker to be "that guy." In fact, he had to look around for a bit in the custom storage area in the back of his of his patrol SUV to find an OOS sticker.
Diesel price jumps 3.2 cents
The price for a gallon of diesel has risen for the first time in more than a month, but the run-up ahead of the Memorial holiday was not enough to push the average above the range prices have maintained so far in 2017.
Dash Cam of the Week: It's all downhill from here 2
Why, you might ask, would a highway patrol car in Mexico be driving down the freeway with both doors open? Well, whether it’s standard procedure or improvisation by the troopers, the point was to set up a rolling road block behind a runaway rig that’s the unwitting star of this Dash Cam of the Week.
Diesel prices up a little here, down a little there
The price for a gallon of diesel has fallen for the fifth consecutive week, but the decline was slight and prices remain in the $2.50ish range the as they have since the first of the year.
Smokey and the Bandit, reimagined
A modern remake of Smokey and the Bandit? Not quite, movie fans (or car fans or truckers)—but maybe the next best thing. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the legendary film, the folks at Carspring, a U.K.-based online used car dealership, have imagined what some modern vehicles might look like if they were Eastbound and Down.
Shake, rattle, roll: Touring Daimler's HDPG
MADRAS, OR. The official first day of summer was still a month away, but the Pacific Northwest rainy season gave way to brilliant sunshine and mild temperatures just in time to allow Daimler executives and community leaders to forecast a bright future for a new truck testing facility here.
Real-time load tracking: ETA visibility is the key
AUSTIN. Supply chain pressure runs downhill, but truckload carriers have nothing to fear from e-commerce—so long as they are, for all practical purposes, perfect. And truckers not only need to be perfect, they’re increasingly expected to reassure shippers and receivers that everything’s fine with each and every load along the way.
Truckers lost in new Amazon jungle
AUSTIN. Truckload carriers have something to look forward to in the near term but, in looking a little further down the road, a leading industry analyst tosses around terms like “decimate,” “destroy,” “profound impact,” “seismic changes,” and, the kicker, “the whole world is going to turn upside down."
In-Cab Options
With apologies to Mick Jagger, you can always get what you want, driver—and what you need, too. From small details to big spaces, when it comes to in-cab specs and amenities, owner-operators may differ on what’s really important, but the “why” is universal: They just want to be able to work—and live—as efficiently and comfortably as possible. The good news: Truck makers are taking driver requests, and they’re taking them very seriously.
Diesel dips another 1.8 cents
A third consecutive weekly decrease has left the price of diesel right the middle the nickel or so range it’s maintained since the first of the year.
Dash Cam of the Week: No-win scenario 3
Star Trek fans should be familiar with the concept of “a no-win scenario,” and know that Captain Kirk famously doesn’t believe in them. But that’s Hollywood, not the highway—and sometimes there’s not much you can do to avoid an accident.
Average diesel pump price dips 1.1 cents
A second consecutive weekly decrease has kept the price of diesel within a nickel or so of where it’s been for the first four months of the 2017.
Trump “considers” truckers’ call for fuel tax increase
With potentially conflicting campaign promises to lower taxes and to come up with a trillion dollars to upgrade the nation’s infrastructure, President Trump on Monday acknowledged the trucking industry’s concern over the deteriorating condition of highway system—and he opened the door to raising the federal tax on gasoline and diesel for the first time in almost 25 years.
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